He said/she said - Erin Kelly

He Said/She Said - Erin Kelly

For month now I am reading book after book which stays behind my expectations. I am beginning to ask myself if it is my fault. Because this book is unfortunately one of those.


The blurb says enough about the story. A young couple travels to a festival in Cornwall in 1999 to watch an eclipse. There they become whitenesswa of a rape. After that the life of many people changes forever.


The story itself is very clever and complex. The problem is that every character is so very unlikable. Laura is extremely difficult. I found it hard to understand her in the past and in the present. I really did not get her anxious problems. And I could not understand Kit’s devotion for her. In the end I got it. But it is a long way to the end and the story drags and drags. The pace is extremely slow and sometimes the story gets lost. The thing about Kit’s father and his brother are not relevant for the story. As well is the background for Jamie, the rapist, not really necessary. It is just too much information. And Beth, a major character, is left in the dark. I really did not get why Kit and Laura lived in this total fear for 15 years.


At first I found this thing about the eclipse chasers very interesting. But the chapters following Kit to his trip to the current eclipse are quite boring and of no meaning to the story. It just got lost on sideshows. The pace is often slowed down by chapters like this. The whole story seemed artificial. All narrators are unreliable. They are not telling things just to reveal them in the end. They all lie. This is clever and interesting but it is told so slowly. It just got boring because it was told so slowly. There is just too much in this book. At the end there is another twist. And another one. It is almost predictable.


This book got a lot of ravenous reviews. Unfortunately I cannot comprehend. The idea is very good. But it is just too long, too dragging. The story gets lost. I had high expectations. But it is just too long, too tedious. The thing with the unreliable narrator is just overworked. There are one or two twists too much. I can see the brilliance of the idea, of the story itself. But it is somehow overworked. And the pace was so terrible slow. Maybe if I would not have received this book from NetGalley I would not have finished it. In hindsight it was a good and complex story, but the way to the end was quite a struggle.


<i>I reveived an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review