The People at Number 9 - Felicity Everett

The People at Number 9 - Felicity Everett

The blurb suggests something else, something…more.  I read a similar book a couple of month ago, “Swimming Pool” which took a much darker road. This is a book about a middleclass couple which gets tangled in the glamourous and chaotic bohemian lifestyle of their new neighbors. This story is more character driven. There are no twists and turns, just domestic drama.


The book is about an unlikely friendship between two couples. Sara is charmed by Lou and even more by her flirtatious husband Gavin. Lou is chaotic and full of creative energy. Sara gets encouraged by her to fulfill her dream to become a writer. Sara is not a very likable character. She is an unsatisfied middle class woman with first world problems. She is self-centered and at the same time very insecure. She is nobody I would like to feel connected to (or admit it) because she felt so damn realistic.


There is not much happening in the story. It is about how this friendship developed. We see everything from Sara’s POV. She makes her life more and more about Lou and Gavin. She looks after their kids. She agreed to Lou’s idea to homeschool their children even most of the work is left for Sara to be done because Lou is too busy with her artistic life. Slowly Sara begins to see how one-sided this friendship is and how much she already sacrificed. But she hesitates to make a change. Too flattering is this friendship for her.


I found this book very enthralling. It has a good flow and I was interested all the time what was going to happen. Maybe I expected a little bit more. There is no crime, it is a dark family drama which Sara triggers because she is full of envy and never really appreciated her perfectly normal life until it is too late.


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