Ararat - Christopher Golden

Ararat: A Novel - Christopher Golden
This book is a classic horror story. A few years ago I absolutely loved this kind of stories.

An earthquake at Mount Ararat in Turkey.An avalanche reveals a cave. In this cave there is an arch and some bodies. One of the bodies is horned. A team of documentary filmmakers and archeologists comes together to examine the arch. But there is something evil still alive.

This book was a kind of throwback to me. I really enjoyed this kind of books for quite a while. And I enjoyed this one, too. It is an entertaining read and fast paced. I liked the setting, the isolated cave on the mountain, a blizzard outside and some strange and spooky things are happening. For my taste there was a bit too much talking about religion. Almost every character claims to have no issues with religion but somehow deep down they want to believe. I did not like that. It was just too much. The problem with these kinds of stories is always the end and “Ararat” is unfortunately no exception. I would have wished for a less fantastic solution. I was a bit disappointed.

I am a bit torn between 3 or 4 stars. The book was entertaining and an easy read. On the other hand the religious aspect was obtrusive, even for a book about Noah’s Arch. I stay with 4 stars because it was creepy and I enjoyed it.

I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review