B A Paris - The Breakdown

The Breakdown - B. A. Paris

This is the third book within a couple of weeks which I anticipated for quite a while and got disappointed after reading them finally. What’s wrong with me?


I really liked “Saving Grace” from the author. It was not flawless but I enjoyed reading it very much. So was very much looking forward to this book. But my problems with the story started right after the first few pages. Cass drives home late in the evening from a pub during a heavy rain storm. She takes a shortcut through a little forest which her husband begs her not to take so late in the evening in this weather. She regrets her decision after a few minutes but then she sees a car standing on the road. She drives past it and stops. She can see a blurred woman’s face but nothing happens. Cass considers leaving her car and walk over but she is afraid it might be some kind of trick or a trap. Remember, it is late in the evening, it rains, she is alone in her car, no mobile reception and she is on a remoted street. So when the woman in the car does react to her Cass drives on. The next morning she learns that the woman in that car was murdered. She is ashamed to tell anybody that she took the shortcut and saw the car. But she feels awful about it. When she hears that the victim is her friend of hers her guilt grows worse. And that is the problem. Would it really be so bad if she admits that she saw the car? She was alone in the dark on a road in the forest. She stopped and waited. This guilt she nursed during the book is important because it leads to her ongoing mental meltdown. But this initial situation did not work for me. It felt too made up.  It just started implausible.


Unfortunately it does not get better. Cass slides too smoothly into her mental disorientation. She even makes it worse because she makes a lot of stupid things like lying when it is absolute unnecessary. But what ruined it for me is that I figured out who was behind everything after a few chapters. I was hoping for a surprise but it turned out exactly like I suspected. Only the murder thing was a bit of a surprise but somehow it was not that important.


The book is well writing and reasonable entertaining. I read it in two sittings. But it is very predictable and Cass is a very annoying character. She is whiny and needy and unable to cope with her daily routine. There are a lot of unlikely things in this book but I will not spoil it for you. There were a lot of negative reviews about “Saving Grace” which I could all understand but I really liked it. Now it seems that everything negative I read about that book fits twice as much for “The Breakdown”. The story seems not genuine, not natural. It is a readable book and entertaining enough but also very predictable and the main character is very annoying. So I am a little bit disappointed.


I reveive an ARC from NetGalley and the Publisher in return for an honest review