Nancy Star - Sister One, Two, Three

Sisters One, Two, Three - Nancy Star

I have to admit this book was not for me. I was so happy when I was approved from Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley. I am always up to a good family secret book but unfortunately I could not connect to this family.


I disliked simply everybody. I don’t have to like the characters in a book, but I have to connect on some level with them. Here I was annoyed by all of them. Glory was just so egocentric and egoistic; her behavior was just stupid and selfish. Ginger just got on my nerves with; the same with supermom Mimi. All other characters faded into the shades. There was no proper male character. Husbands, sons, neighbors, there were all background actors. I also found that big family secret strange and I really did not get why everybody acted like they did. First I thought Glory was funny and just sarcastic in her way. But after a while I really started to dislike her. She is the worst. Half of the book I was asking myself what this story is all about. There was almost nothing happening. Way too much introduction for this strange and absolutely not understandable family secret. But after the secret was revealed it did not get any better.


I am sorry but I just did not get the point of the book. There are far better books about dysfunctional families and their secrets. Maybe it is just me, probably it is me. But sometimes it happens that you don’t get into a story and dislike a book.