Peter Swanson - Her Every Fear

Her Every Fear: A Novel - Peter Joseph Swanson

3,5 Stars


I have mixed feelings about this book. I love Peter Swanson’s writing. He really must have a weird mind. He is just too good looking into the minds of psychopaths. I really admire that. I loved “The Kind Worth Killing”. It is one of my favorite books. And I can see his style in this book, too. But still it is different. But unfortunately not as good. This book does a lot of telling, repetitive telling. This took away the suspense.


Kate is a troubled young woman. Her mind turns every situation into the worst case scenario. He has a reason to be so anxious but she tries her best to overcome it. So when her mother tells her about a cousin she never met who wants to swap houses with her for 6 month her first intention is to say no. Even her mother does not expect her to go to a foreign country and live there on her own. But exactly that’s the reason she agrees to this arrangement. So she flies to Boston and moves into her cousin Corbin’s luxury apartment. She soon learns that Corbin’s neighbor was murdered on the day of her arrival and Corbin’s departure.


The author looks deeply into the minds of his characters. The story is told from different angles and here the problems started. There is a lot of telling and re-telling. Things are being explained which I already figured out without the character telling me exactly everything again and again. This got a bit dull, especially in the second half of the book. There is also not much action; there is a lot of telling and thinking. I also did not like the end. I wished there would have been more to it.


So it was a mixed pack for me. I love the writing and the idea of the story. I think the author is great with psychopaths and serial killers hiding in plain sight. The plot itself is unusual. There is just something I really like about his style. I will watch out his next book.


I received an ARC from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review