Susie Steiner - Missing , Presumed

Missing, Presumed: A Novel - Susie Steiner

A young woman from the British Upper Class disappears without a trace from her house near Cambridge. The local police tries desperately to find any trace of her. That’s all it is about the story itself.


This book is not a thriller. The story is more focused on the characters and their problems and on police work. Especially DS Manon Bradshaw’s problems are a main thing. She is 39 and single and she fears to stay single and will never have a family. So she arranges dates with men she met on an online dating side. And we hear all about the disappointing facts and how she messes up when there actually is someone interesting with her neediness. I really did not care for her. Too much drama. We also see her and her colleges work many hours, learn everything they do and what they eat (Fast Food of course). So the pace is very slow and somehow I almost lost interest what happened to the girl. The pace is slow and the story is not very gripping. I also did not like the end. All that fuss and drama about that.


The writing is good and it was an OK read.