The Swans of Fifth Avenue - Melanie Benjamin

The Swans of Fifth Avenue: A Novel - Melanie Benjamin

Truman Capote admired beauty. Beautiful things and beautiful people. In his youth he was a handsome man, elfish and funny. He knew that he had a talent and he charmed himself into the circle of the rich and beautiful people of the New Yorker society. The filled their live with laughter and fun. He became friends with them, especially with Babe Parley.


I was fascinated about their lives. Those ladies were raised to be a rich man’s wife. They had to be beautiful and stylish. They had everything. But love and real friendship, something else to care about than just worrying about if the lipstick was perfectly applied or the flowers on the table matches the rug is what they really miss. Truman Capote gave them friendship. But his love for gossip and his selfishness made him make a huge mistake. He betrayed their trust and their friendship.


I liked reading this book. I found it very interesting. But it is also a slow read and a lot of name dropping and gossip. And a lot of poor little rich girl Babe Parleys sad life in a golden cage and the duty to be nothing less than perfect. But at the end I almost pity her. I don’t know if her life was amazing or hollow. This book may not be for everybody. It is not fiction nor is it a biography. It is something in between. I liked it.