Catherine McKenzie - Fractured

Fractured - Catherine McKenzie

Some months ago I read a book called „The Murder Game“ written by Julie Apple aka Catherine McKenzie. I liked it very much so I looked for more books from this author. I was surprised to learn that Catherine McKenzie wrote a book where the main character is an author who wrote a book called “The Murder Game”. I knew I had to read this book.

Julie Apple is an author who wrote a bestseller. But fame has its dark side and she got a stalker. It got so bad that she had to move with her husband and her two kids far away to another state. Julie is writing her new book and she has a deadline. This keeps her at home and unable to make new contacts in her new domicile. So she is very happy about the friendship that developed with her neighbor John. But between men and women the line between friendship and more is very thin. In addition she finds herself again being stalked. Is it her old stalker or is there someone new watching her? Or is it all her imagination?

I really liked the concept of these books. “The Murder Game” was a very clever book. That she used this book to make another book about the fictional author of “The Murder Game” is very inventive. But beside this would “Fractured” be a great thriller. It is a clever book with a bunch of great characters and multi-layered secrets get unveiled. The book has a good pace, I really flew through the pages. McKenzie writing style is very good and smooth. At the end maybe all this secretiveness about who is going to die and what happened then is maybe a little bit overworked. But it did not kill my need to know what happened.

A very good concept and a very well written story made this book an exceptional read. I enjoyed it very much and I will definitely keep an eye on this author in the future.