The Murder Game - Catherine McKenzie (Julie Apple)

The Murder Game - Catherine McKenzie writing as Julie Apple

Meredith Delay is a prosecutor. When she is asked to assigned to the murder case of a former hockey-player she is shocked to learn that the murderer is an old friend from law school. Julian has a history of extreme sleep walking. He does a lot of strange things then and he got even violent occasionally. And that’s how he committed the murder. He drove to this house, found an unlocked door, got inside, took a knife from the kitchen and stabbed the sleeping man. Then he woke up and called to police to confess he did this while sleepwalking.


The story begins with the end. We learn that Meredith left Kanada, left her job and her life. Something happened 6 month ago. There are two narratives. One in the present where we learn how Meredith prepares for the trial against Julian. The second narrative shows us how she met Julian, Jonathan and Lily at law school and how they became friends. With Jonathan she begins an on- and off relationship which lasts until almost the present day. They were all very close and very clever and they all became what they wanted to be. And now Julian killed a man. But was he sleepwalking when he did it?


The story is extremely clever. The characters are all very realistic and distinctive. There was a little bit too much of this Meredith-Jonathan thing for me. But as a legal crime story it is brilliant. The story is twisted and tricky and it was fun reading it. I really enjoyed it and recommend it to everybody who like creative stories and legal dramas. And I absolutely have to read “Fractured” by Catherine McKenzie!


I received am ARC from Netgalley and Lawsome Books in exchange for an honest review