The Spider in the Corner of the Room - Nikki Owen

The Spider in the Corner of the Room (The Project Trilogy) - Nikki Owen

Dr. Maria Martinez has Aspergers Syndrom. She is highly intelligent but has problems to express feelings. She takes everything what is said literally, she can’t lie and expect other people to do so, too. Which is a huge mistake. So she finds herself in prison convicted for a murder she can’t remember doing. She has flashbacks but she does not know if they were real events or fantasies. Or were suggested into her mind by someone. She sees a therapist in prison, but somehow she senses something is not right. She starts to question everything and soon she feels herself traced and threatened. But due to her Aspergers she is not able to see who her friend is and who is not. And she also questions herself, if she is insane or not.

Unfortunately I must admit that I could not get connected to this book, It is an unusual and peculiar story, something I tend to like. But somehow this book did not work for me. I was unnerved by Maria, by her thoughts, always spinning in circles. Although her Asperbergers was very well described, I just was annoyed by it. It was almost as it was too loud for me, like the prison was too loud for Maria. Too much to take in. I had some problems during this book to figure out which of both plotlines is in the past. I just lost track. At the beginning was very annoyed by everybody around Maria. Nobody seems to take her serious or even think about believing her. Then after a while I thought maybe Maria is living in a fantasy world and completely nuts. I found Maria to be an exhausting character. Her thoughts just running in circles. I can see how well-crafted the book is but somehow it fails to entertain me or even touch me. It was just too much, too confusing, too much conspiracies. I am disappointed by myself that I did not like this book because it contains everything I like in a good story. But for some reason it wasn’t my cup of tea.

I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review