My Husband's Son - Deborah O'Connor

My Husband's Son - Deborah O'connor

The book opens with the kidnapping of a small boy. Somebody sees him and just takes him by the hand and leads him away. Then we meet Heidi and Jason. They both have in common that they lost their children. Heidi’s daughter was taken and murdered; Jason’s Son Barney is still missing. Jason is still hoping that they will find Barney even after 5 years. One day she walks by accident into a shop and there she sees a boy. Immediately she is certain that this boy is Barney although she never met him. She brings Jason who encountered a lot of false sighting of Barney over the years, to go with her to this shop. But Jason is adamant that this boy is not Barney. He is sure he would recognize his son as soon as he sees him, even after this long time. Heidi can’t accept that because she is absolutely sure that she found Barney. She becomes obsessed to find evidence for that.

So far the story sounded promising. But at this point it became annoying for me. Heidi is so absolutely stupid and she does all this stupid things, brings her in danger and risking her job. At the same time there is not much story development. We just see Heidi doing stupid things. Driving by every impulse to this shop and starting a strange thing with a neighbor. Jason clings to the search for his son, it is his purpose in life. But also he seems to keep a secret. Obviously there is something that happened on the day of the kidnapping he is not telling. With hindsight I can really not understand why he and his wife kept this secret while their son was missing. Absolutely stupid and selfish. But Heidi is the worst. She is so stupid. She stumbles around with her high heels and brings herself in one humiliating situation after the other. I also don’t know, why she reacted to this boy like she did when she never met Barney. There are also some weird sex- or nearly-sex-scenes which were completely unnecessary for the story.

The idea for the plot is not bad. A woman who does everything to find her husband’s lost son and overcome her own trauma. A man fluctuation between hope and resignation clinging to the search of his son and not realizing that even if he finds Barney nothing will be like it was before. In his memory Barney never grew older or changed. But it did not work in the story. The book was never really gripping. It was all very constructed and unbelievable. I just kept reading because I wanted to know how it ended. There was a little bit of a surprise, somehow consequent but also unbelievable as well.

I am sorry to say that I did not like the book. I could not connect to the characters; in fact I was annoyed by them. I was bored most of the time and flipped the last pages.

I received an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review