Angela Marsons - Silent Scream

Silent Scream - Wie lange kannst du schweigen?: Kriminalroman (Kim-Stone-Reihe, Band 1) - Angela Marsons, Elvira Willems

There is one thing I don't like in a book: when the author tells me at the beginning everything about the main character. Every thought, every move, every cup of tea he/she is drinking. But when it gets to the solution, to the importan things, somehow everything gets too vague. I really can't stand it. Ths change in the narration. And unfortunately this ruined this book for me. I also found all this sarcastic dialogs way to much. They were funny, though, but every other real conversation was not nearly as good as this comical interactions were. I was looking forward to this book and had it for ages on my wishlist But it left me disappointed and without any wish to read more about Kim Stone.