Blake Crouch - Dark Matter

Dark Matter: A Novel - Blake Crouch


Everywhere I looked lately there were ecstatic reviews of this book. So I just could not wait to read it. My expectations were high and I was not disappointed.


Jason is torn away from the life he knows. One evening he is hi-jacked by a man. He is masked and he forces Jason to drive to a remote place. The man injects him some drugs and when Jason awakes he is in a different life. Everybody knows him but they are all strangers to him. Apparently he lives a totally different life in this world. He is not married to his beloved wife Daniela and his son was never born. Jason desperately wants to understand what happened and how he can get back to his family.


Obviously you can’t tell too much about the story without spoiling it. This book is very intriguing and gripping. I really enjoyed the complex plot where somebody is taken to a parallel world. How is that possible and is there a way back to his world. I found that very interesting and mind-blowing. Although in the middle there is a bit too much exploring of different worlds. I got the feeling that the author enjoyed fantasizing about this a bit too much while the story is not developing any further.


I liked reading this book. It was entertaining and faszinating.