Louise Jensen - The Sister

The Sister - Louise Jensen

The blurb sounded interesting and most of the reviews I read were enthusiastic. But for me this book did not work. To be honest I think it’s horrible. I disliked the whiny main character Grace and I was annoyed hot this story developed.

Grace has a lot of problems. Since her childhood friend Charlie died she is a mess. Charlie was her best friend. Then suddenly she disappeared without a word when they were 18. Then she mysteriously died and Grace has a breakdown. Her relationship with her boyfriend Dan is afflicted with this of course. Then suddenly a woman appears and claims to be Charlie’s half-sister. Grace is happy to have a bit of Charlie back and invites her to her home to stay with her and Dan. But soon strange things happen.

I really don’t know where to start how I felt about this book. At the beginning it sounded promising. But soon Grace became a real pain in the a**. It is absolutely not comprehensible why she is so devastated about Charlie’s death. I lost friends myself but I did not fell apart like this. I mean she has not seen Charlie for 7 years and I think breaking down like this is a bit overreacting. Grace is so whiny, everything is her fault and the whole world revolves around her. She is so self-centered that it is a mystery to me why everybody in the book loves her. And she is extreme stupid. She feels f.e. like she in danger and fells not to be able to leave her friend’s house for days. Then she decides to go back to her own house, where she had a traumatic experience and where she may still be in danger, in the middle of the night without anybody telling where she is going to. Very clever, Grace. She is absolutely horrible and stupid. She is the most stupid fictional character I read about lately.

The story begins promising and full of secrets but soon it got more and more absurd and unbelievable. All the characters act with extreme stupidity. The whole book is absolutely implausible. I struggled finishing it and I am glad it’s over. The writing was OK but the characters are extreme stupid and the story is outrageous.

I received an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review