The Child Garden - Catriona McPherson

The Child Garden: A Novel - Catriona McPherson

Gloria lives a quite life in a small Scottish village. Her son has a rare disease, PKNR which is pantothenate kinase-associated neurodegeneration. NIcky is the most important person in her life and she spends every free minute with him. He lives in a care home which used to be a hippie like school. This school was closed after a boy died. One evening Gloria sees an old friend. Stig went to that school. He tells Gloria that he is been stalked by a woman who was with him at this school. He is on his way to meet this woman, April. Gloria somehow spontaneously helps Stig and goes with him to huttie in the middle of the night to meet April. But April is dead. Gloria is alarmed and afraid this dead will fall back to the old school and to the care home so they don't report Aprils dead to the police. This is the start of a complicated story.


Somehow this was a strange book. The story is extremely complex. A lot of people have secrets they did not talk about for decades. Suddenly they open up to Gloria, who plays the detective. Soon they learn that somebody is out to punish those kids which were there when the boy died. I liked the writing very much and although I am not that much into cosy crime I found this book quite entertaining. But I found it a little bit too complex, too confusing. I also found it confusing that everybody got a nickname and sometimes the nickname was used and sometimes the real name. So it was entertaining and well written but something did not quite work for me. All those people holding secrets and telling lies and Gloria running around, forgetting about her son suddenly, and letting a supposed murderer into her house. Stig, wanting Gloria’s help is even lying to her. It was all a bit too much and over the top. So I am a bit torn if I should give 3 or 4 stars. I just stay with 3,5