Jack Jordan - My Girl

My Girl - Jack Jordan

I did not know much about the book when I started to read. And I am glad about that. This is one of those books you should not know too much about. Than you can be surprised as I was. I was wondering for the first half where the story is leading to. But I did not expect that.

Paige lost her daughter 10 years ago. Chloe was killed but the crime left unsolved. Since then Paige became an alcoholic and addicted to pills. Her husband took his life a few weeks ago. Now there is nothing for Paige left to live for or to try to stay sober. She is a mess, does not eat, drinks all the time and gives sexual favors to her doctor to get more pills. She even got in trouble with the police. So nobody believes her, when she noticed some strange things going on in her house while she is knocked out from drinking.

Just let me tell you that the story turns out to be different than you might expect. The book is not very long. It is not dragged out in an unnecessary way just to make more pages. I liked it that way. It is hard to read about Paige’s self-destructing addiction but you can feel her pain and her grief and how it is to be an addict. It is a dark book and definitively not a nice read. It kept me guessing what’s going on and I was quite surprised. I did not expect that. And I liked to be surprised. I will read Mr Jordans other book very soon. I liked his unique style.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review