The Silent Twin - Caroline Mitchell

The Silent Twin: A dark, gripping detective thriller (Detective Jennifer Knight Crime Thriller Series Book 3) - Caroline Mitchell

Unfortunately this book did not work for me. I don’t the other books from this author about the Jennifer Knight series. Jennifer has a supernatural talent and she works in a special department for the police. I was very interested in this supernatural thing. So I did not have problems with that but with all the rest of the story.

A family with twin daughters moves to a remote old farm house. Joanne, the mother, is a kind of internet guru for family educational problems. Nick, the father is a police officer. There is also Fiona, the housekeeper, who cooks and bakes and looks after the twins while their parents are working. While playing, one of their daughters, Abigail, disappears. Olivia, the other twin, stops speaking. She does not say a single word about what happened. Jennifer Knight comes as a family officer into this family. She soon senses the ghosts who live in this house. And she gets a connection to Olivia, who obviously has a similar supernatural talent like Jennifer. Olivia and Abigail are very close and Olivia often had some telepathic connection with her sister. She falls into a trance and through her Abigail can tell Jennifer something about her whereabouts. But she won’t tell who took her. So Jennifer is almost sure that Abigail is still alive.

Joanne behaves strange from the beginning. She smiles all the time and the disappearance of her child does not really bother her. Nick on the other hand is devastated. But he seems to have a secret and Olivia obviously knows about it. Jennifer, aware of all of this, does almost nothing. She just sneaks around, listen to secret phone calls but don’t confront those people with this stuff. I mean, there is a child missing, but the parents behave very strange and hold things behind. And Jennifer just sits around, watches as she has all the time in the world.

Somehow nothing fits together in this book. There are some lose ends, some things that lead into nothing and be forgotten by the end. Even this ghost thing is good for nothing. I don’t want to go too much into detail because of spoilers. But I mean…Olivia is so close to her twin, naturally, but as Abigail goes missing she just stops speaking for a week. She liked to ride a pony and goes back to school. Just go back to almost normal. I mean she is 9, not 4 years old (although she sometimes behaves like this and I have to keep telling me that she was not a baby). She has telepathic skills but then at this most important time she just makes no use of it. When she finally speaks everything falls into places and the case is resolved quickly. But it is not only Olivia; there are more actions which I really can’t understand. Some things just don’t make sense. And it is not the supernatural thing. This story just doesn’t work. It is absolutely unrealistic. I also think that Jennifer’s way of handling things was just too slow.

The only thing I liked about this book were the chapters of the diary entries. They show how easily a child’s soul can break when it suffers cruelty.

I also figured out who was behind all this quite early in the book. I found it was quite obvious.
I could not connect to this book. I would have liked more about this supernatural stuff. And I definitely would have liked a more believable story. Nothing really fits here. Suspense is also a thing I failed to find in this book.

I received a copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review