Jo Michaels - Emancipation

Emancipation - Jo Michaels

„Emancipation is a fast read. I was waiting for the twists that all the other reviewers spoke about.  There is only one twist at the end. But you can see that coming. But it is a relieve that this is going to happen.


Tobias is one of the most despicable characters you ever read about.  The author did a very good job to get us into the head of that psycho. I saw that twist at the end coming.  But that was not a problem. I wanted this twist to happen.  


I was waiting for something all the time I read. In the middle I was a little bit bored by this prison stuff. I did not find this very interesting. But after 50% of reading a could not put this book down. I wanted to know if I were right with my assumption.  I was. But it was even better. And I think the author did a very good job to get your sophisticated self rooting for seeing someone suffering.


I liked this book. It was a quite unusual read.  It speaks to your own dark side.