B. A. Paris - Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors - B.A. Paris

What a brilliant book! I really enjoyed reading this although it is a horrible story.


Grace thought she got it all. She met this handsome stranger in a park when he spontaneously danced with her sister Millie who has Down’s syndrome. Jack is so caring, so nice, so everything. Within months there are married. But then she discovered who Jack really is. Let the nightmare begin.


Grace is the narrator and the story is told from the past when she met Jack, and from the present, so we can see where she is now. We see how the story between the two unfolds. It is a chilling story. You can say why did she marry this man but who would have thought of that? Nobody would expect that.


We are always close to Grace. We feel her fear and her growing desperation. I liked the end and I cheered for Grace, even things suddenly happened quite neat for her.


The book is written very well and it is cleverly made. I enjoyed it very much. Well done B.A. Paris: Can I have your next book now please?