Lisa Hall - Between you and me

Between You and Me: A psychological thriller with a twist you won't see coming - Lisa Hall
This is one of those book you should read without knowing to much about it. Its even almost impossible to write something about the story without saying too much.

Sal and Charlie are the perfect couple. So it seems. Charlie is a lawyer and brings in the money. Sal stays at home with their little daughter. Everything seems perfect. But only on the outside. When nobody is watching Charlie is a control freak and threatening Sal. Charlie has rules and demands and Sal has to obey.

It is difficult to write a proper review about this book without giving away a mayor twist. The book is cleverly made and it leaves some important imformations in the dark. I suspected the twist very early but it did not do anything to my wish to read page after page. I disliked Charlie so much and found it so hard to understand submissive Sal. But after a while you understand how this relationship developed into a nightmare.

I highly recommend this cleverly constructed book. I enjoyed reading it very much.

I received a copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review