Liz Lazarus - Free Of Malice

Free Of Malice - Liz Lazarus
I read all the high praises for this book and I am beginning to ask myself what is wrong with me. I liked the book but it did not find it very intriguing. Large parts of the book are more like a lecture in legal assistance.

Laura is attacked in her home while her husband is out of town. Somehow she manages to scare the intruder off.Afterwards Laura suffers  nightmares and anxiety states. She seeks out the help of a therapist. During her sessions she gets the idea of writing a hypothetic study about a woman who shoots the man who attacked her. She finds a lawyer who is willing to help her with all her questions. And here turns the story. And at the same time the story stopped working for me. Laura suspects the lawyer from the first second because he resembles the man who attacked her. She does not feel comfortable in his company. And that is the thing I did not get. Why is she still meeting him when she is afraid of him? Laura is panicking all the time but she still is meeting the lawyer. When Laura talks to him we read a lot about a fictional case. It is almost like a lecture, like listening to a teacher. I did not find that very intriguing. There are a few other things that I did not get, about the therapist for example, but I don’t say more about it because of spoiling the story.

On the other side you get very close to Laura and her fears and you can feel her panic and her paranoia. How the fear takes over and locks out all the reasonable thoughts. But I still don’t understand why she stood with a man she was afraid of. It was also interesting to see how justice works in the US. And for me being German all the stuff about weapons, buying and owning them, were also very interesting. This is simply impossible and unthinkable in Germany.

After I read half of the book a thought about in which direction the story would go. I had a few ideas but it turned out it went the easiest way. So I was not very surprised, actually I was a bit disappointed how easily and smooth everything ended.

I received a review copy from Mitchell Cove Publishing in exchange for my honest review.