Where I lost her - T. Greenwood

Where I Lost Her - T. Greenwood


I am sorry to say that I did not like the book. Not right from the start but it started to annoy me very quickly.


Tess and her husband Jake are visiting their friends in Vermont. After Dinner Tess wants to buy more wine. On her way home she sees a little girl in the middle of the street. But she scares her off. She calls the police but they seem not to believe her because he was a bit drunk at the time. And nobody seems to miss a little girl. A big search is organized but nobody can find her. The police suggest that she just made up the story to get attention.


Tess and Jake have their problems. Tess can’t get pregnant and this fact dominates her life and her relationship to her husband. She is obsessed with having a baby. Eight years ago she tried to adopt a little girl in Guatemala. But something went wrong. Tess is a difficult person.  She is very egoistic and totally obsessed with being a mother. So she gets obsessed to find the girl because she is the only one who cares. She sneaks around the woods searching for the little girl. That  the police do not believe her is not so hard to understand but quite handy for the story.  So she has to start an investigation of her own. And of course she finds out more than the police. Some things are absolutely not believable about this.

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she finds a house in the forest nobody of all the search parties found before.  A red house, very eye-catching and not far away from the place she saw the girl. But nobody else found the house on all this searching for the little girl. It’s absolutely unrealistic. 

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There are more things that I did not like about the story. Tess is a horrible character. She is the only one you get to know better, all other characters are flat. She is so absorbed by having a baby or a child that she doesn’t see anything else or cares for anybody else. The story is not very believable. I am afraid there are women like Tess out there, but how she acts to find the girl, what happens, how easy she find clues when everybody else, even typoilerhe polices, fails is just ridiculous. One thing I hated very much about Tess is the fact,

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 that she cries for this little girl in Guatemala, knowing that everything about the adoption was made up by swindlers and the babies were stolen from their mothers. Tess keeps complaining about “getting her daughter back” when she should know that it never was her daughter because she still got her real mother who is probably desperate about her lost. It was so selfish.

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I did not like all of that aspect of the story.



I did not enjoy the book. I found it very annoying and not well developed.

 I want to thank Netgalley and the publisher for a copy in exchange for an honest review