Alafair Burke - The Ex

The Ex: A Novel - Alafair Burke

This book was an absolutely page-turner for me. It did not get me right from the beginning, but after a while I was hooked. And it did not matter that you could see the twists coming. The author made an excellent job in holding the balance between all the options. I also liked how we get to know about Jacks and Olivia’s history. Olivia is a strong and independent woman, maybe not the nicest of all people. She spent the last 20 years feeling guilty for what she did to Jack. She always thought highly of him, thought he was too good for her, but after a while she entertains the idea that he might be a cold blooded killer.

The story has a good flow and I liked the storyline. I also enjoyed the writing; we were quite close to Olivia and her doing her job. This was an excellent read and I enjoyed it very much.

A special Thank You to Netgalley and Faber and Faber Ltd, for providing me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review