Karin Slaughter - Pretty Girls

Pretty Girls - Karin Slaughter, Fred Kinzel

I don't know where all this good reviews come from. Half of the book nothing happens! Sure, there is a gruesome story, but after Claire starts to look closer to her late husband Paul things and "hobbies", there are really no surprises. And Claire and her sister Lydia are acting extremly stupid. While Lydia is in danger, Claire is driving around in her car and is doing literally ...nothing. 


I have not read any Karin Slaughter books but of course I have heard about her. My daughter is a big fan. "Pretty Girls" somehow catched my eye and I was eager to read it. But now I know I better not read anything else from the author. It was not really gripping, the characters are dull and flat. I did not liike the writing at all. Mrs Slaughter repeads over and over again the facts about Paul and the thoughts about him that run circles in Claires head. Quite boring. I only liked the dairies of Claires father. His grief about the dead of his daughter was touching.