John Inman - The Boys on the Mountain

The Boys on the Mountain - John Inman

This book was both funny and scary. And the ending was


I really liked the book, I loved the characters. The story is gruesome and scary. The author tells us the story of an author of horror books who decided to live in a haunted house. 70 years ago an actor murdered in a very cruel way several young boys. Now he and the poor boys are still bound to the house. Somehow Jim, the author, gets a connection to the murdered boys. He wants to free them from their fate by writing down their story. First he is on his own, only with his dog Rex for company. But soon a bunch of his gay friends arrive. Beside making cocktails and having a lot of sex, they also decide to help him get rid of these annoying ghosts. The ghost of the murderous actor is still strong and not going to give up is victims easily.


The characters of the friends are very likeable; they all have their own personalities. They are also very chatty. Sometimes a little too much. Even in danger, when they are inside a scary cave and they all tell themselves to hurry up and get out of there, they are still chatty and teasing themselves. This was sometimes quite too much for me. It sometimes lengthens the book.


The story is awesome and sometimes hard to read. The cruelty of the murders is hard to bear but the author manages not to write too much about it. But your imagination can work on that.


Why I only give four stars is the fact that for me the book was too long. As I said, sometimes there is too much chatter, too much banter, and definitely too much sex. The guys, as lovely as they are as characters, are always horny and we are always with them in the bedroom. It was too much; it filled the book with many pages of sexual action but not of action concerning the storytelling. After a while it gets somehow boring what the ghosts are doing. There are several days where there is just drinking, sex and in the evening the ghost show or the story of one of the poor victims. For my taste a little bit of editing and shortening would have been good for the book. So it felt for me as I was reading for ever on this book. But nonetheless I liked it. The writing was very good, so it all felt very real. I really loved the characters. And the end took me by surprise. It was a nice and funny and sometimes scary read. I enjoyed it.


A special thank you to Netgalley for giving me a free coly of this book in exchange for an honest review