Charlie Donlea - Summit Lake

Summit Lake - Charlie Donlea

Becca Eckersly is a young law student. Bright, beautiful and with a wealthy family, she has everything and a wonderful live ahead of her. But she has also secrets. While on a short stay at her parents home in the charming Summit Lake, she is brutally murdered.


Kelsey Castle is a journalist and specialized on true crimes. She was assaulted herself and took some time off. But now she wants to return to work and her boss sends her to Summit Lake to investigate for a story about the murder of Becca. Something seems quite odd about it. After arriving in Summit Lake, she faces a wall of silence. The family does not want to talk about it, the medical files and autopsy records are not available. It almost seems as if nobody wants to find who killed the girl.


The book has everything a thriller needs. A gruesome murder, secrets, wealthy families. But something is missing. I really can’t put my finger on it. Usually I am always moved when a narrating character gets murdered. But this did not happened here. The characters weren’t very profound. I did not get any connection with Becca. I even did not get her tendency to keep everything of importance as a secret. And the secrets weren’t dark or disturbing, something you really want or need to hide. I rather found they were things you usually talk about with everybody. So I did not get that point. So the secrets weres o unnecessary, that’s the only tragic here. But it also made this book for me somehow overinflated. The plot twist in the end was quite clever, it is well done. It lacks also a bit of suspense until the final third.


This book has everything and is a solid crime book and a good read. But somehow I did not feel for the characters and the author did not really sell me the idea with this secret keeping and everything about the murder investigation from the family and police side was not very realistic. Well, I get it that keeping even a normal thing secret can somehow develop into a big thing that finally gets you murdered. As I said, something is missing in this book, some deeper or darker aspect. It was a nice read, but nothing very special.


I wand to thank Netgalley for giving my a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review