Peter Gilboy - Madeleine's Kiss

Madeleine's Kiss - a love story of suspense - Peter Gilboy

"I didn’t do anything to Madeleine. I’m a noted professor, for God's sake! Of course I Iiked her. How could I not? She was so sweet and southern-charming and girlish. Innocent and crazy, and delightful to be with.

“I helped Madeleine, that’s all. Yes, I know she’s missing now, but I can explain that. I can explain everything. I can even explain the devastating kiss, and what happened right afterward. I think it's actually beautiful what happened to Madeleine. I didn't hurt her at all.

"But even my lawyer didn't believe me. That's why I've to say it all right here.

“This is the story of what really happened to Madeleine."



This book is hard to review. It is a strange story the author tells us here. Adam Snow, an art history teacher, meets one morning a young and very strange girl. He spent almost immediately the whole day with her, takes her home to spend the night and the next day he accompanies her on a road trip.


Madeleine is not her real name; it is a name Adam gave her. Adam is an unreliable narrator. He has his own way of seeing things.  And maybe everything just happens in his head. We see Madeleine through his eyes, but I doubt that everything happens as he tells us.  Madeleine is weird, she knows things and she has this idea to find a woman named Rosalee.  But Rosalee lived long ago, but somehow Madeleine feels her presence.  After their trip to this western town, Madeleine is gone and Adam is accused of murdering her. He sits and waits for his verdict while telling us his side of the story.


The Problem with the book is, that nothing really happens. Adam sits and waits and tries to explain us why he fell for Madeleine, why he went with her on this road trip. Adam seems to have some mental problems, he has a strange look of the world.  On the other side the book is very well written and I liked some of the weird ideas. In the first half of the book I thought about quitting, but somehow I worked myself through and I must admit that I am happy about it. The book is getting a bit better towards the end. After finishing it, I can now look at the whole story and I thought about it and what might have happened between Adam and Madeleine.  It is a strange book, very different and  it was not easy to stay with it. So I am giving 3 stars, I liked the writing and I like the idea but I had some problems that actually nothing really happens.


I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review