Salvage - Duncan Ralston

The blurb promises a ghost story. Thats what you get indeed but it is quite an unuasual ghost story. It is as well a story about lost, mental illness, religious mania. That all sounds great, doesn' t it. But unfortunately somehow this book did not work for me.


Owen Saddler is afraid of lakes. He has some kind of phobia. But suddenly he dives in this scary lake in full gear and in dangerous areas. This is just one of the things that happen which I found quite unbelievable. The story develops very slow, there are some supernatural things happening but they are not very scary. After a while this ghostly things are quite normal. The tension is not building up. It is not very gripping st all, I have to say.

The characters are strong but not very believable. Owen with his easy to overcome lake-phobia and his supposed depression. Even worse is Joe, his childhood friend. She is a weird character. 


There are a lot of things in this book which I did not get. I would have loved a nice and scary ghost story but the suthor puts too much in this book snd could not manage to make his characters real and believable. Maybe there is something wrong with me because this book is high praised everywhere I look. But somehow it was not the right book for me.