Dark Web - T. J. Brearton

DARK WEB a gripping mystery thriller - T.J. BREARTON

A special thanks to netgalley for this copy in exchange for an honest review

Who killed a teenager and left the body in the snow?
Mike and Callie Simpkins moved north to restart their lives and get their finances back on track. But their son Braxton withdraws into a dark online world. When he decides to meet some of the players in the real world, tragedy strikes, and the family is torn apart.

Detective John Swift must untangle a web of virtual and real crimes in order to solve this complex mystery. And as the family copes with unimaginable grief, even Braxton’s stepfather Mike comes under suspicion.



It was a bit of a slow start. A teenage boy is found dead on a snow covered road in the middle of the night. A car with 3 young boys flees the crime scene. What follows is a complex investigation.  At first local cop John Swift has no clue why the boy ended up murdered. His parents, Callie and Mike, just moved north from Florida with their two little girls and the murdered Braxton. He is Callie’s son from another relationship. He got a feeling in his gut that there is something with the kids in the car. They all knew each other from an online game platform. They tell Swift that they only wanted to visit Braxton and got scarred when they saw the body on the street. But what about Braxtons real father who lives nearby and seems to had contacted Braxton. And what about Mike? Could he have a reason to kill the boy?


The book develops slowly. It focuses not only on the murder investigation but also on what happened to Mike and Callie after this gruesome murder. The characters are all very well written and it is a very atmospheric book. Their complex connections with each other take a huge part of the book. For quite a while I did not know where this book is leading me. There are a lot of turns and twist, but the story is very clever and hard to guess, even parts of it were too far fetched. Swift seems to have a kind of supernatural sense that he guessed what this all was about. And Mike behaves sometimes quite odd.  For me it was also a bit too slow and not thrilling enough. But the writing is good and I liked the storyline.