Brenden Duffy - House of Echos

House of Echoes: A Novel - Brendan Duffy

Ben and Caroline Tierney and their two young boys are hoping to start over. Ben has hit a dead end with his new novel, Caroline has lost her banking job, and eight-year-old Charlie is being bullied at his Manhattan school.

When Ben inherits land in the village of Swannhaven, in a remote corner of upstate New York, the Tierneys believe it’s just the break they need, and they leave behind all they know to restore a sprawling estate. But as Ben uncovers Swannhaven’s chilling secrets and Charlie ventures deeper into the surrounding forest, strange things begin to happen. The Tierneys realize that their new home isn’t the fresh start they needed . . . and that the village’s haunting saga is far from over.




I like books who play with the supernatural. Maybe haunted, maybe not. "House of Echos" is a suspence thriller. At first, you get a lot of "troubled couple tries a new start". You get very close to the characters, Ben tipptoeing around his wife Caroline,, Caroline handling her own demons and son Charlie running through the forest. There he makes a strange `friend'. While Caroline is obsessed with building up the house to make it an Inn and finally earn money, Ben strolls around the village and make friends with the people. So he learns about the history of the house and his own family. He becomes fascinated by this and thinks about making a book about it. This gives him excuses to leave Caroline mostly alone with the work and the kids. He also manages to ignore the strange things happening in the nearby forest. He discovered killed animals, even a head of a deer appears on his front porch. And what about this mysterious friend of Charlie? Is he real? Is he threathening Bens family or is there just an upset neighbour who wants them to leave? But Ben failled to see where the real danger is coming from.


While the storytelling is very nice and flowing, there cut be al little more suspence. The charcters and their problems take a big part of the book. But on the other hand you get close to them and understand their behaviour. There is nothing real new in this book. An old maybe haunted house, dark forests with somethin hidden in it, a struggeling couple and creepy village people, you have read it somewhere else. But actually this book is entertaining enough and well written. I liked it